Private House , Coventry

/Completed: 2019

The design is unique but reflects the traditional qualities of the residential properties in the local area. The centre point of the plan is a galleried hall and feature stairs with a light focal point for the house to create an attractive entry with views of the garden over a reflection pool. The introduction of a splayed bay projecting into the flat front and rear elevations allows for an articulation of the facade to balance the horizontal lines with vertical components. The roof elements of this composition provide an individual design which is traditional by way of its shape and form but nevertheless provides a new and contemporary interpretation of the past. Each of these splays indent into the plan to create square rooms which at first floor bedroom level are vaulted into the roof zone.

Overall this is a family house full of good daylight using clear and translucent inner doors glazed lanterns and light wells to penetrate sunshine into all spaces of the house except for snugs and cinema rooms where less outside light values are required.

The house is traditional in form and function but provides an interesting contemporary twist to make a positive contribution to the quality of houses in the road.

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