Papillon Hall , Ullenhall

This is a remarkable new house in the Warwickshire greenbelt. The original house had been a fire damaged ruin for many years. After many planning meetings and several months of negotiation a proposal was accepted in principle for a large house. The plan shape is derived from a butterfly inspired by Arts and Crafts house of a former era and in particular a house called Papillon Hall (now demolished) by Lutyens. After planning permission was received the site was purchased subsequently by two further owners resulting in modifications but retaining the essential concept.
The entrance and centre of the house is a grand Hall of three storeys and from which all the rooms radiate like the wings of a butterfly captivating magnificent 360˚ views of Warwickshire Countryside. Due to the plan orientation each room enjoys a different aspect and all areas of the house enjoy the benefits of an excellent solar orientation. The Hall in particular has a ridge rooflight which continues to an attic balcony which is part of a second storey suite of rooms. The exterior is a composition of red brickwork with render and stone features.

This house is an exceptional architectural and planning achievement in the Warwickshire Green Belt.

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