Grade II Listed Cottage , Wormington

In 2017 we met with the owner of a Grade II Listed cottage in the Anglo-Saxon village of Wormington. The brief was flexible but an extension and rationalisation of a dodgy boundary by agreement with a good neighbour was talked about.

There was a shard woodshed half on and half off the natural dividing line on this pair of early 18th Century ranges which provided the opportunity to extend the house.

An application to extend the cottage with a contemporary addition was approved by enlightened Council Conservation Officers who supported a modern but sensitive replacement of the sheds! with a single storey glazed structure with floating roof.

There was an excellent collaboration with intuitive and supporting client which created lots of exciting changes to the interior culmination with the new kitchen and dining room which projects into the beautiful garden.

There are two new bath/shower rooms a new front door and hallway with sliding glass screens and alterations and improvements to create a perfect home full of personal effects and full of the clients’ personality. A wonderful synergy of architect builder and owner coming together over a four year project to reach a great and very satisfying achievement.

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